What is Tai Chi?

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Tai means great; grand; supreme;

Chi means utmost point; extreme; earth’s pole.

TaiChi is the “Supreme Ultimate” state of infinite potential, contrasted with Wu Chi 無極 “Without Ultimate”.

TaiChi is best known in the West from name TaiChi Quan 太極拳, Supreme Ultimate Fist.


The Beauty of TaiChi

Chinese Wushu is an amazing art form.  In the ancient times, you will find practitioners among emperors, officials, scholars and common civilians.

TaiChi Quan is a form of Chinese martial arts that incorporated fighting skills with various philosophies.  It is an exercise, a culture, a performing art and a way of life.

The physical techniques of TaiChi Quan are characterized by the use of leverage through the joints based on coordination and relaxation, rather than muscular tension, in order to neutralize, yield, or initiate attacks.  The slow, repetitive work involved in the process of learning how that leverage is generated gently and measurably increases, opens the internal circulation.

It is purported that focusing the mind solely on the movements of the form helps to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity.